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Jan Dappen

Ellijay, GA


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Every artist dips her brush in her own soul and paints her own nature into her pictures. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
I am an Artist, painting in Oils primarily, Watercolors and Acrylics...drawing with Graphite Pencils. I have been an Artist for as long as I can remember. There has always been a need within me to pick up a pencil or a paint brush and put what I see, what attacks my senses and heart, and recreate it on paper or canvas. Although my style is different and recognizable, realistic results that will preserve the subject through time is most important to me. Finding an old, neglected, weathered barn or homestead and recreating it into a piece of art that sparks your interest in the story behind the subject inspires me to paint. Seeing the laughter and tears of a young child inspires me to capture the moment. It is the natural, the untouched, the beauty of nature and the world that surrounds me that takes my breath away and leads me to the easel. Perhaps my life experiences have led me to seize the imperfect as well as the perfect moments. My goal is to share what my eyes see, what my heart feels, and to provide a pleasure or memory for those that share my perspective. There is a desire to embrace the natural talent God has given me and share with others. My hope is to provide that place where we come together and better understand the previous generations and the history of where we come from.

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Upcoming Events:

Corky and Creative Wine and Painting Classes at Gilmer Arts in Ellijay Ga August 15, 2018 at 5:00pm Make reservations at Gilmerarts.com

Cartecay Crush Festival at the Cartecay Vineyards 1, and 2 Sept 2018

Cartecay Vineyards and I offer Wine and Canvas Painting classes quarterly "Cartecay Cork and Canvas" you can sign up on their Facebook Page Cartecay Vineyards Next scheduled class is 07 Sept 2018 at 6:00pm

Apple Arts on the Square running simultaneously with Georgia Apple Festival in Ellijay the 2nd and 3rd Weekends of October 2018
info on Apple Arts on the Square


Bear on the Square in Dahlonega, GA.2019
visit Bear on the Square website

Plein Air in the Mountains on June 7, 8 & 19, 2019 sponsored by Gilmer Arts in Ellijay, GA
visit Plein Air Event website

Cartecay Crush Festival at the Cartecay Vineyards 1, and 2 Sept 2018

Apple Arts on the Square running simultaneously with Georgia Apple Festival in Ellijay the 2nd and 3rd Weekends of October 2018
info on Apple Arts on the Square

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In March of 2016, I was commissioned to paint a large 9' x 11' Mural (oil) in the cellar at a local winery in Talking Rock, GA. The mural can be seen at the Chateau Meichtry Vineyard. You may also see some of my Original Oil paintings and prints that are hanging at the Cartecay Vineyards in Ellijay, Ga. Sandy Fendley's Watersong Spa in Ellijay, GA , the Mountain Life Health Food Store on South Main in Ellijay, The New Ground Market in Ellijay, The Gallery Cafe on Roswell Rd. in Buckhead, Atlanta and The New Vineyard, Ott Farms and Vineyard in Ellijay as well. Please stop by and see my art. You can also find a link to my Facebook page at the top right of this page and connect to those establishments.

Also accepting commissions, including portraits. Contact me personally at JDappen@aol.com for help with ordering or to purchase an Original work of art. I accept PayPal,credit cards, checks and of course cash if applicable.

Watermarks do not appear on prints.

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Bear Alone on Blue Ridge Mountain by Jan Dappen


Baby Chick - little chicken by Jan Dappen


Little Chick - Baby Chicken by Jan Dappen


Three Blooms - Apple Orchard - Ellijay by Jan Dappen


Three Hoots -Hooters - Owls by Jan Dappen


Snowy Gates Chapel -White Church - Portrait view by Jan Dappen


Chattahoochee Choo Choo - Train on Trestle - Columbus GA by Jan Dappen


Flowers - Cherry Blossoms - Blooms by Jan Dappen


A little Wine on my Canvas - Wine - Grapes by Jan Dappen


Maine Boathouse - Seashore - Blue by Jan Dappen


The General - Train - Big Shanty Kennesaw GA by Jan Dappen


Chicken Coop - Woman and son - feeding chickens by Jan Dappen


My Mother by Jan Dappen


Big Brother by Jan Dappen


Daisy - Portrait - Girls in Wagon by Jan Dappen


Autumn - Shack - Woodshed by Jan Dappen


Barn -Inside Looking Out - Summer by Jan Dappen


Autumn Landscape by Jan Dappen


Winter - Cabin - in the Woods by Jan Dappen


Tennessee -Mooresburg - Gradient Border by Jan Dappen


Cherokee Rose Dogwood - Single Glow by Jan Dappen


Cherokee Rose Dogwood - Glow by Jan Dappen


Gilmer County Old Courthouse - Black and White by Jan Dappen


Momma Bear by Jan Dappen


Cubs - Togetherness- Black Bear by Jan Dappen


Heaven's Child by Jan Dappen


Boxer on Beach by Jan Dappen


Autumn Barn - Signed by Artist - Ohio Barn by Jan Dappen


Popcorn Marvin Sutton - Second of a Series by Jan Dappen


Popcorn Sutton - Moonshine Legend - landscape view by Jan Dappen


Sunflower - Burst of color by Jan Dappen


Sunflowers - Red Barn - Pennsylvania by Jan Dappen


Amos - Sepia - Ohio Horsepulling by Jan Dappen


Adam's Rib by Jan Dappen


Red Dogwood - Cherokee - Springtime by Jan Dappen


Cherokee Brave Dogwood - Spring - Red by Jan Dappen


Dogwood - Sunlit by Jan Dappen


Dogwood - original size - glow by Jan Dappen


Chimney Love -Cartecay Vineyards - Ellijay GA by Jan Dappen


Georgia Flowers - Apple Blossoms- Stretched by Jan Dappen


Lights in the Wine Cellar - Chateau Meichtry - Talking Rock, GA by Jan Dappen


Popcorn Sutton - Black and White - Waiting on Shine by Jan Dappen


Popcorn Sutton - Black and White - Rocket Fuel by Jan Dappen


Train over Chattachoochee - Columbus by Jan Dappen


Norfolk Train - Chattahoochee River - Sepia by Jan Dappen


Autumn - Barn - Ohio by Jan Dappen


Crossroads Grocery - Elijay, GA - signed by Jan Dappen


Popcorn Sutton - Jam - Moonshine by Jan Dappen